About Us

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The Romu family has been hanging their hat in Devon Township since 1972. We hunt here. We fish here. We trap here.

The cabin which all of our adventures are staged from was built in 1972 by Antti Romu with white-pine harvested and sawed from our land. We are old school; genuine rustic. We are off the grid: No WiFi, no cell phones, and no internet. We still boil your coffee on a wood stove. Your guide and host Andrew Romu has been guiding hunters and fisherman for the past 28 years. He has a history of consistent success! There are few who know the area better.

Whether you book a hunting adventure or fishing trip you will be treated like family.

Mrs. Romu does all the meals and our son Evan is turning into a fine hunter and guide in his own right.

We hunt and fish year round!....there is an adventure here for everyone.

We invite you to join us for a hassle free hunt or fishing trip. You will tell immediately we have been doing this for a while now.

Devon Township? Where's that?

Our cabin, located in Devon Township, is less than 30 minutes from the Canada-US border (Grand Portage Crossing). A short trip off Highway 593 in Northwestern Ontario (NWO), and you're here! Our cabin is 7 miles outside of the BWCA. You can view our general location on the map below:

Area Map

Why Boundary Waters Guide Service?

It was actually our web designer who asked the question. I thought, "Yeah... why Boundary Waters Guide Service? There are plenty of outfitters around, why should someone book with us?" I thought on it for several weeks, and here's what I came up with.

I said/thought: when you book your own hunting and fishing trips, what do you look for? The most important factor I came up with was honesty. I'd want an outfitter who is honest. An outfitter who says: "You know, the age class of bears is down right now. I'd suggest a fishing trip rather than a bear hunt." I would want an outfitter who actually went out and put an evening in on the stand I'm going to hunt, taking inventory. I'd want an outfitter who actually went out and pre-scouted for my moose. An outfitter who found the place his clients were going to hunt, way before they ever arrived. I know I can look myself in the mirror and you in the eye and say: "Yes! I did everything I could to ensure your success."

It's one thing to say, but how do you measure that? Consistency. I believe that nothing speaks more than consistency. So, we post pictures up on our website and Facebook page, and invite you to contact us for references and testimonials. That's the evidence: pictures, videos, and people to talk to that have been with us.

I will close with this... I'm frequently asked: "Do you guarantee?" Here's what we guarantee: we have pre-baited for months before you arrive, to contribute to your success. We have sat in your tree stand. We've spoken to those moose, fed those wolves, and fished those waters before you. I further guarantee that you will be warm, dry, well fed, and comfortable... the rest is just hunting and fishing. We will do our very best to put the odds in your favor.

Andrew Romu


Boundary Waters Guide Service