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Wolf Hunt

At Boundary Waters Guide Service, we hunt and fish year round. We are pleased to offer the wolf hunters winter wolf hunts!

Winter 2015 was an exciting time. We put in 52 hours of sit time and observed 17 different wolves. We also captured a great deal of video and photos. We had the privilege of hosting Mr. Fred Eichler on a hunt in March 2015. They produced a show for Predator Nation from that successful hunt which will be airing this fall. We are anticipating a great hunt this season!

We are currently constructing new “shoot shacks” and getting those in place now. It's going to be exciting time to hunt wolves! Numbers are again very high and we expect a high success rate. The best quote of the season came from Fred’s camera man, Cole Tannor. As he was holding Fred’s wolf, he said "ït's like touching a ghost."

Our wolf hunts run from December to March, and are 5-nights 6-days in length. We hunt out of heated shoot shacks, positioned from 100 to 300 yards over bait. We commute by snowmobile and/or truck to the blinds daily. Hunters typically sit from dark to dark.

Some hunters may choose the spend the night in the blind. This way, the location is undisturbed come morning when most wolves make their appearance.

We conduct our hunts along the Boundary Waters. Wolves are abundant and at a high in the population cycle. We have even observed several black wolves on our trap line this past winter! The past trapping season we lost several beautiful lynx to wolves eating the lynx right out of the snare.

Some of our blinds are very remote. No cell service. Lonely wild places; bring a good book!

When you're ready to see the grey ghosts of the north... Boundary Waters Guide Service has a location waiting for you.

To book a wolf hunt with Boundary Waters Guide Service, please visit our Contact/Booking page.
2500 USD

All-Inclusive Trip

We provide:
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Pre-baited sights
  • Game recovery
  • Skinning
You provide/are responsible for:
  • Your hunting equipment
  • Quality sleeping bag (if you intend on putting in a night or two on the stand)
  • License: $269.00 CAD
  • Non-Resident Ontario Outdoors Card: $9.68 CAD
  • Export Permit: $35.00 CAD
All licensing and export fees listed are over and above the $2500 trip cost.
To book a wolf hunt with Boundary Waters Guide Service, please visit our Contact/Booking page.